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Before adding any sound equipment to your vehicle, like a tape player, CB radio, mobile telephone, or two-way radio, make sure that it can be added by checking with your dealer. You can be seriously injured if your belt goes over an armrest like this. If you do not use the owner equipment and drive properly, you can lose control when you pull a trailer.

Chevrolet Avalanche Owner’s Manual

The words ON and OFF or the symbol for on and off, will be visible on the rearview mirror during the system check. Stalling on an Incline If your vehicle stalls when you are crossing an incline, be sure you, and any passengers, get out on the uphill side, even if the door there is harder to open. Defogging and Defrosting You can use either defog or front defrost to clear fog or frost from your windshield. Towing Towing Your Vehicle Consult your dealer or a professional towing service if you need to have your disabled vehicle towed.

Turn the radio on. Here are the most important things to know about the airbag system: The compass is now in zone mode.

There are some hills that simply cannot be driven, no matter how well built the vehicle. The gage may transition from a higher to avalancye or a lower to higher reading, this is normal. All-weather Cargo Area Cargo Tie Downs There are cargo tie downs in the rear cargo area that you can use to strap cargo in. Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles Use the following procedure to tow your vehicle: Once unlatched, the glass-catch release button C will catch the rear glass and prevent it from falling forward.



Chevrolet Avalanche Owners Manual PDF

They Are for Everyone on page Turn the wrench counterclockwise until approximately 6 inches 15 cm of cable is exposed. In Canada, write to: Make sure that they manal installed correctly, using the diagram on the inside of the battery compartment.

Pressing the select button will scroll through the following choices: To remove and store the nanual guides, squeeze the belt edges together so that you can take them out of the guides. Tilt the retainer D at the end of the cable and pull it through the wheel opening.

Then tighten the nut caps with the wheel wrench until they are snug. But wet ice can be even more trouble because it may offer the least traction of all.

Page Compass Variance The mirror is set in zone eight upon leaving the factory. This message is displayed when the engine oil needs to be changed and service is required for your vehicle.

Driving safely on hills requires good judgment and an understanding of what your vehicle can and cannot do. After Off-Road Driving Remove any brush or debris that has collected on the underbody, chassis or under the hood. You can either leave the bag attached to the side of the cargo area while it is not in use, or you can store it outside of the vehicle.


Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out of 6. For persons under 21, it is against the law in every U. To use the storage bag, do the following: Always leave just enough slack so you can turn with your rig. You or others could be injured.

The wheel wrench has a acalanche that allows you to pull the hoist cable towards you to assist in reaching the spare tire. Fog Lamps Your vehicle has a light sensor located on the top of the instrument panel. If you want to purchase service information, see Service Publications Ordering Information on page If desired, you can change the TAS automatic engagement feature so that the system will not come on automatically when the engine is started.

Outside Heated Mirrors Outside Heated Mirrors If the vehicle has heated mirrors, the button to turn this function on or off is located on the climate control panel. Some people drive in spurts — heavy acceleration followed by heavy braking — rather than keeping pace with traffic. Page 27 To unlatch the belt, just push the wvalanche on the buckle. Activate the system by locking the doors with the power door lock switch while the door is open, or with the remote keyless entry transmitter.

These substances can cause glazing and uneven avalsnche.