Sidney Sheldon’s After the Darkness. Sidney Sheldon, Author, Tilly Bagshawe, Author. Morrow $ (p) ISBN Sidney Sheldon & Tilly Bagshawe 3-Book Collection: After the Darkness, Mistress of the Game, Angel of the Dark. by Sidney Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe. On Sale. Sidney Sheldon’s After the darkness / Tilly Bagshawe. “Blessed with the face of an angel and the guileless, trusting nature of a child, Grace Brookstein is the.

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A classic tale of love and betrayal, and a struggle for survival in the new world order, this is an enthralling novel with ripped-from-the-headlines immediacy, perfect for the post-Bernie Madoff era in America. But it was a book fair, it was cheap, and I was not really upset when I found out.

Readers see how Grace loses her innocence and hardens up in jail.

Availability: Sidney Sheldon’s After the darkness / Tilly Bagshawe.

Regardless, After the Darkness is a page-turning novel for all the right reasons. When the corpse had no face, I figured he was still alive. It was a bit slow in the beginning and I almost gave up because it was just so stupid and vapid. Published May 25th by William Morrow first published January 1st Grace is certain someone is framing her, and she’ll do whatever it takes to prove it, even if it means taking bagwhawe law into her own hands.

This novel rated 4 stars in plot, 2 stars in character and 5 stars for a shocking ending! And I was loving it. You know the type- young woman born into wealth, beautiful, marries an even wealthier older man and the worst problem she ever faced was a hangnail! The famous investor was involved in some sort of spectacular fraud and was about to be exposed by someone close to him.


I found it very hard to believe that Grace’s sister’s hated her soooo much for no real reason, and that bagwhawe husband didn’t have any qualms at all about letting the “love of his life” go to prison for life for what he had done. When the stock market goes into a terrifying freefall, the Brookstein’s glamorous lifestyle of Palm Beach polo tournaments and G5 jets is barely touched. Nobody, I saw it in the library, and it seemed interesting to me. Darkneas the ending is so predictable, I figured it out from the very beginning.

Quotes from Sidney Sheldon’s It’s a tale with twists and turns, a real page turner, or burner, as you wont get enough, and the pages turning wont be quick enough, ever, if the words flow like this.

And finally, the resolution leaves us saying, “Really?

All along I kne Bernie Madoff’s ponzi system sure has inspired many novels. Gabrielle Dagkness stops tily I think the reason why I gave this a 3 stars as opposed to a 2 stars like I did for Mistress of the Game was because I wasn’t subconsciously comparing Sheldon’s characters and plot with Bagshawe’s; something I couldn’t help doing with Mistress of the Game since Bagshawe was writing After reading Mistress of the Game by Bagshawe and being quite disappointed by it, I tjlly hesitant on giving this a try but since it was lying around my house with no other books on the horizon, I picked it up anyway.

But that chance had passed, blown away like a feather in the wind. But the same old same old story line of a heroine hardening up in prison, escaping, seeking revenge, alongside with a huge corporate crime and a sick psychopath a detective, again on her tail is getting old. It actually doesn’t make sense to me.


Unfortunately, the ‘mystery’ was te clear after the second murder was described and it was really unbelievable that all of these wealthy men fell in love so fast.

Hardcoverpages. Sheldon was one of the best and Tilly Bagshawe does him justice and more.

Sidney Sheldon’s After the Darkness

Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game. That is when she becomes the ‘lady character’ we always know from Sidney Sheldon’s book.

On the top of it, sfter author cheats view spoiler [ as Grace recognizes her husband at the morgue. Who’s the real author? Retrieved from ” bagzhawe And when a woman who has nothing realizes she has nothing to lose? Trivia About Sidney Sheldon’s I would recommend this over Mistress of the Game any day.

Grace believing that someone has framed her and Lenny, and stole the money, she is determined to find that culprit. I wouldn’t say I’ll never read Bagshawe again, but I do wonder why Sheldon’s name was used in this case. Rashmi June 20, at 3: She is surprised by her family’s reaction. In New York, Lenny Brookstein is the King of the Wall Street social scene, both liked and respected in the worlds of high finance and high tillyy.

Tapi ceritanya yg ini bagus juga. Many of her works ended up as intriguing favourites of mine.