Discover the new models, those that remain true to the original. Variety, quality, attention to detail – these are our principles. request your items brochure. Die Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg / Sachsen, liefert Modellbahnzubehör in den Nenngrößen H0, TT und N. Dazu gehören Catalogue · Catalogue Ordering. Please follow our tip written in catalogue or at The replication of cast iron colums is very filigree, with trueto original slope to conduction of.

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Colours may vary with each batch. Also includes Polish signs. For designing a factory site or a residential destrict. Or you can provide drawings.

Catalog Ordering

The hose tower, siren and tool boards are enclosed. Authentic historical model x x mm H0 TT. On the one hand one can use break lines to convert the 4-storey basic model into a 2- or 3-storey building, and on the other hand one can optionally arrange the roof auhagne or without dormers. Trucks with mm of track and turntab- le, bicycle rack with 10 bikes, corrugated iron garage.


Bitte be- achten Sie dazu unseren Basteltipp im Ka- talog oder unter www. Bitte beachten Sie dazu unseren Cataligue Katalog oder unter www. Please follow our tip writ- ten in catalogue or at www.


Exact replica of the brick facade, especially above the door and windows. Ground floor country general store with attached grocery store. Beides kann wahlweise weggelassen werden. With 3 different interlocking friezes or decorative panels.

Planning aid brochure 1

Mit Kohlebansen und 3 Hunten. The difference in weight was used to calculate the quantity of cargo. The Planning Aids included in our Auhagen modular System contains a wealth of suggestions for individual design possibilities. The recessed wall on the abutment akhagen must also be shor- tened as necessary.

The booking hall reflects the typical Prussian style, featuring economic brick construction and minimalist decoration achieved by the artistry of master bricklayers. Mit zwei Holzschuppen und Bauwagen. Perfect for designing a scene with a farmyard. Use the enclosed foam flocking to decora- te the stands akhagen containers with cut flo- wers, greenery and wreaths: The cellar entrance can also be attached, if desired.

In the Prussian style, with warning bell ahhagen cranking handle for the barrier. Originalmodell The original gas pumps in this little garage built around were replaced in the s and a new service station building was built. Zur Versorgung der Dampflokomotiven mit Wasser. The vertical stiffener needs to remain in place.


Lots of accesso- ries are included. At Auhagen you will find that even the smallest developed models and kits in HO, TT and N scale remain true to the original. Fahrzeughallen wurde oft ein Verwaltungs- oder Sozialtrakt abgetrennt.

Catalogue | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

Personnel reach the ramp using a ladder. The colours of the glorious facades of the three- and four-storey houses combine wonderfully.

On three of your girders, you will need to cut off the small, rounded section at the front. Original colours of the kit parts. Nasenuhr, Lampen, Briefkasten und Ausguss liegen bei.

Double track with small workshop annexe and water tower. The roof tiles are plain tiles.