The BenQ W can serve as either a home-theater or a home-entertainment projector, with excellent image quality and an assortment of. In this BenQ W review we will explore many of the special features, tour all of the hardware, discuss picture quality, and calibrating the. W FAQ – Support. What is BenQ Short-Throw Technology? What is the difference between DLP projectors and LCD projectors? Why is the lamp is not as.

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Life of Lamp In Eco Mode. You have already selected 4 products. By Gizmodo on August 01, What happens when you install a home theatre projector and expect it to replace a TV? Subscribe to Receive Reviews. One potential issue is rainbow artifacts, with light areas breaking up into flashes of red, green, and blue.

This is official response from BenQ when I asked them about the speed of the color wheel. If every mode can henq 6X, the noise will be much lauder than what customer can accept.

Mike – Which Epson model are you referring to? However, it may be helpful to know that the projector measures a relatively large 5. w7050

InBenQ was spun off from Acer Inc. We can reach 6X CW speed in dynamic mode and this is for sure. Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks. Wes Marshall wesm soundstagenetwork.

SoundStage! Xperience | – BenQ W DLP Projector: A Flagship

Type p x Does it still exist? The projector’s high light output makes it a great choice for those who want a really big screen, while its razor-sharp image, dynamic range, and accurate color can be appreciated in just about any setting.

Avatar should be a model of what 3D can deliver, yet the only time I find myself getting lost in the moment is when little things float by at various distances. I made a reset but still the same. We watched several movies to get a general idea of how the W does with day-to-day viewing.


The W offers the usual assortment of advanced video features for its price range, including support for video at p and 24 frames per second fps ; frame interpolation to optionally smooth the judder in movies filmed at 24 fps; and full 3D support at p for Blu-ray and other video sources. Sorry to hear that you don’t like it. By Missing Remote on August 05, If you want—and can afford– to have a high end projector in an area that has lots of ambient light or want a large crystal clear screen without having the space for a large room, then the BenQ W is a great option for consideration.

On the downside, it has the lowest rated brightness. Vertical and horizontal lens shift. Each is light-years beyond what was available for its price just a few years ago, and displays both the strengths and weaknesses of its display technology. The BenQ W can serve as either a home-theater or a home-entertainment projector, with excellent image quality and an assortment of highly welcome, advanced features.

To me, buying local is a no-brainer bargain, but in terms of picture quality it makes no difference — these projectors are all so close to their potential ideal performance that the limiting factor is the technology.

BenQ W Home Theater Projector Review

BenQ normally sells through their network of pro dealers and installers, so you can get that nice local service — but you can also buy via the Internet. I feel almost as strongly about automatic lens shift and zoom. Intex Cloud Y5 Price: The picture is ben bright, it might even better suit a room with a small amount of ambient light rather than a completely darkened space. Given the depth of the unlocked menus, they should be able to coax a nearly perfect picture from the W The W produces quite a bit of light — our test unit measured slightly over lumens in Cinema mode out of the box and over lumens after calibration.

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. That I can do.


Benq W7500

If you have any doubts about that, note that according to BenQ, it’s sold exclusively by dealers that will typically install the projector for you at an additional cost. Page 1 of 1. Reader Comments 13 comments Posted Mar 10, Designed to offer the best 3D cinema experience at home, the projector is powered by DLP Link to delivers ultra-smooth p Full HD images to both eyes — crosstalk free. It also offers better than typical color calibration controls, letting you set both primary red, green, blue and secondary cyan, yellow, magenta colors by adjusting hue, saturation, and brightness of each color.

We set up the W on a rear shelf in our darkened theater space, connected it to our Oppo BDP Blu-ray player, killed the lights, and turned on the power. Life of Lamp In Standard Mode. bejq

BenQ W7500 Projector

By Prad on March 26, 83 So leicht wie beim W ist uns die Vergabe eines Gesamturteils schon lange nicht mehr gefallen. If you’re setting the projector up in a room with ambient light, you even get two customized calibration settings, with one for daytime and one for nighttime. The lens shift offers similar flexibility for moving the image up, down, left, or right beq having to move the projector.

Once Upon a Time in the West is another film with stunning studies of the human face. As with most home theater projectors, there’s no audio system. Use the following settings: They might even offer basic installation and setup for free, or for a reduced price.

I only notice it in certain scenes when looking left to right quickly. The Best Tech Gifts for Women. However you can lower the brightness substantially by setting the lamp to Eco mode, using one of the less bright presets like Cinema mode, or both.