New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell has captivated her Now she asks the question: What is the price a woman pays for one indiscretion?. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathy Maxwell delivers another passionate romance that is sure to delight her dedicated fans and increase. Left destitute after the death of their father, Miranda Cameron and her two sisters are forced to to use their feminine wiles in order to save themselves from the.

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She is truly one of those grey shaded characters. I would dress for a costume party as: Alex has tempted fate to raise himself from a man scorned by society to one with vast wealth and influence. They hopped to, and Alex meant to join them. I just knew that they were meant to be together in spite of their pasts.

He rarely thought of those scars but at this moment, they felt as they had when the cuts were fresh and the pain alive.

The Price of Indiscretion (Cameron Sisters, book 2) by Cathy Maxwell

His mind played tricks. Okay so she looked like his dead wife and she is the granddaughter of an earl but she has no funds and I feel like that element was just introduced to pave the way for the second book. Alex looked at him blankly, forgetting for a moment where he was.


In fact I’ve disliked almost every Cathy Maxwell book I’ve ever read, except kndiscretion one, and that was only a barely liked. Her face was blocked by that blasted parasol, but what he could see, he liked.

Its force was kindred to the sun bursting out behind the clouds maxweell a storm. I stumbled across this author on the Chicago Public Library website, and have really enjoyed her work. I don’t know while I could not put it down it just was not a five star book for me. Jul 17, Readerkuna1 rated it it was amazing.

Miranda said something and the British commander laughed as if she were the cleverest of creatures, a sound echoed by his junior offices. Everyone in the valley knows she hooked up with him, so the girls are pariahs.

Miranda has no idea that Alex is now an immensely kf man. However, for the sake of her sisters, she must charm the tonand make a spectacular match. I really liked Alex from the first book and was kind of disappointed with the girl the author puts him with.

They were young, vital men in full dress with gleaming gold braid on their lapels. Apparently many knew what they were waiting for.

Feb 15, Briar Rose rated it did not like it Shelves: Jun 10, LibraryDanielle rated it it was ok Shelves: I didn’t like the end because the tension felt manufactured.


Frustrating, but I’m jndiscretion I read it.

She will I felt pushed into the story. First I really liked that both come from America originally and that Alex is half indian, its that that made their past so inter It was difficult to give this book 3 or 4 stars. I don’t know while I could not put it down it This book wow where do I begin?

Aug 02, Danette Steward rated it liked it Shelves: What Readers Are Saying What do you think? As a reader I really enjoy the characters having ‘pasts’ together and this story took that sort of story in a new direction through the characters themselves and how the story plays out. You have stores to lay in and that rigging on the top gallant begs to be repaired.

The Price of Indiscretion

I really felt for these two. I love me some Cathy Maxwell! This book was recommended by my aunt. Jun 04, Daneesha rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think the author should have started with Miranda and Alex as kids when they first meet so I could get more of a feel for the couple.