About Claus Nordbruch: German-Austrian historian currently living in South- Africa. Nordbruch is considered to be in the far right spectrum. For giving. Claus Nordbruch (Q). German opinion journalist Germany. 0 references. given name ยท Claus. 0 references. date of birth. 29 August 1 reference. Claus Nordbruch Biography – – Claus Nordbruch Biography and List of Works – Claus Claus Nordbruch Is the author of books such as Die Weltrepublik.

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By far, most of the reviews on Dr. Sind Gedanken noch frei? The critical re-examination of previous research is essential to all scholarship. The unfortunate thing about Political Correctness is that, as a result, nordbruuch or discussions often either do not take place at all, or only in the form of a campaign of defamation noedbruch a show trial.

It is hard to cast serious doubt on this perspective, especially if one keeps in mind that Dr. Get to Know Us. Reprinted from The Journal of Historical Reviewvol. After years of research he offers proof that this genocidial accusation is based on uncritical German nordbruc publications of the German Imperial era as well as on the British war propaganda during World War I.

| Pyrrhic Victory over Revisionism

Regarding the latter, Dr Nordbruch is of the opinion that mainly Marxist historians of the former German Democratic Republic had created this accusation of genocide, which is regularly propagated by conformist historiography and opportunist journalism. Horst Mahler, who was once the defense attorney of the Red Army Faction terrorists, said recently: Hate and historical ‘revisionism’ have no place in our community, our State, or our Country. Today no idea seems too absurd to be considered as a new and generally valid guide to behavior.

This organization left no doubt about its intentions and methods of action. Nordbruch regards the suppression of intellectual liberty – unilateral political legal decisions and the one-sided discrimination against freedom of speech, freedom of information, freedom of science, freedom of assembly – to be typical for a big brother government Gesinnungsstaat.

For some time now in Germany, presumably motivated by a rejection of discrimination, it is no longer proper to speak of Gypsies [Zigeuner]. The Revisionist on vho. In times dominated by political correctness, however, this term is permanently misused and reversed to an opposite meaning.


The presentations’ breadth of topic was promising: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Schaltet Political Correctness das einstige Volk der Denker gleich? Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Claus Nordbruch, please consult www.

He demonstrates how the political police, called the Verfassungsschutz, is used to slander political opponents, historical dissenters and individuals who do not share official opinions on fundamental historical and political matters. In doing so, they were, however, so conscientious in updating their webpage and releasing newsletters they even announced some internal information not really meant for the eyes of the general public.

: Claus Nordbruch: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

The life and ideals of a German Boer in the fight for freedom and justice in South Africa. At this point it seems appropriate to comment in a basic way about revisionism, because this is the target par excellence of the Politically Correct.

In his publications dealing with the history of Southern Africa Dr. When he begins his scholarly work, the historian questions or reexamines the starting premises, the previous findings and the current state of research.

Especially in these fields Political Correctness often impedes serious work by tabooizing from the outset certain research projects and problem areas, thereby putting them off-limits to investigation.

In fact, to achieve the elementary aim of truth and knowledge, the only viable approach is to follow the scholastic axiom of audiatur et altera pars. Low to High Price: Learn more at Author Central.

Some telling examples will illustrate this manipulation: Willem Ratte, the legend: Political Correctness sets up rigid barriers to thought that block an open discussion aimed at solving problems, and thus impedes further intellectual development.

This circumstance very nicely demonstrates that both the organizers and this orator evinced the courage of their convictions in the true meaning of Zivilcourage. nordbrucb

Claus Nordbruch

Whenever, by means of this deadly method of argument, someone is successfully labeled a racist, fascist or sexist, he is degraded to the status of a leper, with no further opportunity to present his view.

We will resist anyone who attempts to stifle nordbrucg thinking processes. As the writer Reiner Kunze has put it, political correctness is nourished by the merciless ideological refashioning of intellectual life in Germany. High to Low Avg.


The gathering was sponsored by the Australian Adelaide Institute, conducted by Dr. The courageous as well as prestigious assembly of speakers promised a release from fixed and inflexible mental attitudes and a new way of thinking. In fact, we only quoted excerpts of Dr. To read the planned speech by Dr. Three years later, inhe was honoured by the German National-Zeitung with the European Freedom Prize for his persistent and courageous fight for freedom of speech.

We will never give up fighting for intellectual liberty. Only when we insisted to be given the reason why our website was deleted, we were told that on our webpage we defamed and libelled state organs of the FRG and criticized individuals.

Similar authors to follow

He wrote his thesis on the concept of duty, focussing in particular on Siegfried Lenz who is considered to be the leading proponent in post norsbruch Germany of the essential and complicated question on the possible combination of Humanity and Duty.

Of course it is assumed that such opinions are held in good faith and not with malicious intend that aims to character assassinate or even to commit violent acts. They mentioned who they were, whom they invited, and what subjects they were supposed to talk about.

Dr Nordbruch, however, rejects that exterminationist view. Today, however, if he proceeds to conduct research on this basis, he is already suspect in the eyes of the politically correct. But scholarly research cannot be conducted nordbguch by investigating existing premises and by not assuming existing conclusions to be correct.

What influence do Jewish organizations, or rather, organizations pretending to represent Jewish interests, actually enjoy? Political Correctness is a threat to a politically free state, because ultimately it will produce a state of like-minded conformity and ideological uniformity.