Der Schlumpf Katalog and pictures. Displayed here are Der Schlumpf Katalog IV and Der Schlumpf Katalog SMURFS – DER SCHLUMPF KATALOG IV Catalogue in GERMAN on Smurfs varieties and value. Since there is not a lot of text in the catalog, it is very. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. 2 likes. Book. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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Recently I acquired a Smurf in Bed with a white mattress. I have been selling smurfs since last summer and collecting since the late ‘s.

Head Chef was only produced by Bully for two years but can be found with at least four different Bully markings under the feet. Return to Smurfy Chat.

Strangely though Bowler was never released by BP Australia as a regular smurf. I am always suspicious when comes to rare paint variations. Hi Papa, there isn’t a good English guide I am afraid. Recently I acquired a Smurf in Bed with a white mattress.


Like the Baseball catcher the biggest varaiance can be found with the colour brown used for the schlumpc glove. Is it genuine or is a repaint? If made in W.


The first one produced was Cook made by Bully in The markings can be found underneath the base and on the figurine. Not surprisedly a number of fakes have been made of the French Fries smurf.

As Schleich sold Smurf in Bed for at least 19 years, between to there are at six different markings that can be found. Like many early smurfs made out of Hong Kong sometimes you can find the blocked out and replaced with then changed back. The colour of bowling ball can also vary from orange to light red to dark red, depending when and where it was painted. There are at least three smurf figurines that love to cook; CookChef and Head Chef When it was first sold by BP Australia it was available for just 99 cents!

However a circus themed play-set featuring smurfs, that could be a bit of fun. All times are UTC. So far I have not been able to find a Hong Kong made one with orange fries. All have a plain white dress and white underwear except for one where she is not wearing any underwear. Was this real or fake? This Roller Skate Smurfette is a little harder to find.

This one is found with M. Is it genuine or is a repaint? In their catalogues they referred to it as French Fry. In the same year Wallace Berrie released their version of French Fries smurf with yellow French fries.


Wallace Berrie only sold Scot for two years between to and referred to as Bagpipe.

Smurf Figures Archives – Page 2 of 16 – Smurfs

Once you start translating it you find you come across the same words time and again so it is getting a lot easier and I am learning German at the same time which will be very handy in this hobby. The China made one, is quite different to all the others available. They are nothing like the material used zchlumpf the other ropes with this Smurfette and seem an odd choice for Schleich to use.

Perhaps it was meant to be used as a promotional smurf?

Bowler smurf is one of only a few smurfs that were made without W. If you are keen to also collect the boxes, there are at least four different ones. Chef was also sold by BP Australia, possibly around