Elijahova stolica [Igor Stiks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Igor Stiks. Elijahova stolica. Zagreb. Fraktura. pages. ISBN IGOR STIKS was born in in Sarajevo. The brutal siege of the city. Elijahova stolica igor stiks pdf viewer Quigly isobilateral hypnopompic and eli pdf viewer infused their distributions break follows greedily.

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Jane OSullivan rated it it was ok Jan 22, I was ready to give this book 3 stars after the first half, but the second half deserves 4.

Elijahova stolica by Igor Ć tiks (2 star ratings)

It took me 2 months to get thru this book, which is very telling. The general tone is that life is hard and then you die. Taj dokument odvodi Rihtera u Sarajevo u leto But the outcome was so obvious, no surprises.

Refresh and try again. A difficult, haunting read. One of the other problems I had with the book was I felt the writing was melodramatic at times. A very good history lesson – and a very good translation.

While the story is interesting in its mystery and occasional plot twists, the narrative is sometimes slow and elijahva, failing to achieve the suspense that it could have delivered. I could not figure out why he did not just tell people he was there looking for his father. I gave it four stars rather than elijahkva because I became bogged down in the Bosnian war scenes and a side story of filming a movie with a group of theater people that seemed off topic.


I kept waiting for it to get better, but it didn’t. Doug rated it it was ok Jul 18, I loved the way the story moves towards its denouement; there’s a moment when it suddenly dawns on you what’s coming and you say, a-ha! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Amazing story, taking you on many detours with a real tragedy.

Elijahova stolica

Published by Arhipelag, Beograd first published Lost and found in translation I almost stopped reading this book many times in the first half as the compound comp! It also came across as being quite melodramatic. I also know that a translator can make or break a book. Frankandjane rated it it was elijzhova Jun 19, His fiction, literary criticism and essays have appeared widely in journals and reviews of the former Yugoslavia.

A Castle in Romagna in and Elijah’s Chair in Was worth the read. He then goes on to describe his journey to meet his birth father, a man who doesn’t even know that he has a son.

I decided to keep reading based on other ekijahova that said the second half was better and the pace picked up. This matters to the story but I still found the tale tedious and overwrought. Also, I must ask, is the crime that so distresses the protagonist really worse than the adultery that causes him no regret and few moments of thought?


A very meaty, dark, compelling story which was a true page-turner during the last 50 pages or so. Elijahova stolica je roman o potrazi za ocem. From the beginning you sensed the main character was going to take his life so it was ifor surprise. The theme of view spoiler [suicide hide spoiler ] is throughout the book, but it is not discussed to the same length or depth as view spoiler [incest hide spoiler ] is. Then skimmed along waiting for the plot to catch up.

I’m a word geek, a metaphor lover, even when the plot plods. So again you read constantly in sttiks of ior your suspicions. Not an easy read, but ultimately a good read. This book is gripping, with suspense thrown in. I kept with this because the story really was engaging, but the writing was really hard to get through.

More direct and to the point. A Kindle First A framed story with the nested narratives of a diary, a mystery slowly unraveled, glimpses of WWII history, and a meticulous resolution are the positives.

In reading foreign authors, I have learned that culture absolutely shapes literature from various regions and it fascinates me.