Very pretty fingerless mitts, but the knitting is definitely not for the beginner. The colorwork is not too complicated, though, and the designer provides a chart that. I’ve had these mitts finished for a while but haven’t gotten photos of them until today. The pattern is Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang. The yarn is. Links and Resources. Endpaper Fingerless Mitts (K) Free Pattern. Sep 28, # · breeze ·

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Is the seam on the thumb or pinkie side of the envpaper Continue to work in Chart A as set until 3 full row repeats have been worked, continuing to work purled “seam” stitches as established. These gloves are too wonderful.

Endpaper Mitts

Sherri November 16, I’ll also be sharing some first-time colorwork tips and illustrating edpaper I do some of the methods called for in the next couple days. Thank you so much for all the work you put into posting them. I love the slightly variegated Koigu. Sandra November 16, CarolineF November 17, I really like the color combo! Its not a visible issue for anyone else, but just goes to show how easily the pattern instills you with confidence so that you think you know everything and cut your yarn without referring back to the patter.

Thank you very much to share your talent. I have Raynaud’s Syndrome and always have cold hands.

Holly Burnham February 12, mirts Love this pattern – and your IK stuff too – elegant, beautiful and timeless. I’ve wanted to make fingerless mittens for my chilly office for quite a while, but couldn’t decide on a pattern.


Endpaper Mitts | Peacock Chic

Zita November 17, Enter the Endpaper Mitts. Comments Sometimes a small hiatus is needed to make a hobby entrancing again! Maluaral November 16, Cannot wait to cast on for these. I can’t wait for the wavy mitten pattern to come out! Hand-Sewn Steeks, Pt 5: Adam November 17, Block over a cylinder of the correct circumference, or flat on a non-absorbent surface with pins. Christina November 22, I love that your brain works like that!

I’ve been looking for a nice fingerless mitten pattern for ages, and this looks to be good for practice. Denise November 16, For example, for Row 2 of the chart, you would read from right to left as usual, work a purled “seam” stitch not included on chart and then read from left to right for the second half.

The knitting has been touch and go and the sewing has been a bit of a wreck but I have persevered knowing that I will overcome the crafting slump. Place next 19 sts 9 colorwork sts, 1 purl st, 9 colorwork sts on a piece of spare yarn for thumb.

Fantastic seeing you all over IK this issue: Lovely – something like this is just what I have been craving for working on knitting projects in my chilly house – since I can’t knit and hold onto a cup of tea simultaneously!

Mary November 17, Thank you for another inspiring project! To determine your size, wrap a flexible tape measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand, excluding the thumb, and find the circumference.

Continue as set, working an increase round as above every 3rd row 8 times more. I luckily had no problems with terribly uneven fabric. They’ll also be eminently practical: I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or just something in the air, but when you’re candle is burning at both ends even something as soothing as knitting can feel like a chore.


Endpaper Mitts Free Knitting Pattern

As soon as I’ve got a couple of projects off the needles, I am going to go right for your deep V vest. Jen November 16, Thanks for this pattern Eunny. Punkin November 16, Have been obsessed with fingerless gloves lately- may be related to this wacky lukewarm weather we’ve been having up here. Thanks for mktts, I just might have to cast on for some: These will be my introduction to two color knitting so that I can get to those Anemoi mittens that tempt me everyday.

The tubular cast-off, on the other hand, is nice. THIS, you wonderful designer, is perfect! Monika November 16, I think I will call these my chocolate cover apricot gloves because those are the yummy colors. Risa November 16, They remind me of endpsper Norwegian Jacket, which I’m anxiously waiting on a pattern for, along with the Arrowhead Pullover and the Striped Cardigan. And now I have hit a road block with the pattern which maybe one of my lovely readers can help me with: Attach contrast color and change to larger needles.