Ephaptic coupling of cortical neurons. Article (PDF Available) in Nature Neuroscience 14(2) · February with Reads. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Ephaptic Coupling of Cortical Neurons: Possible Contribution of Astroglial Magnetic Fields? | The close. Yet the extracellular field activity feeds back onto the electrical potential across the neuronal membrane via ephaptic coupling (Jefferys et al.

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Ephaptic coupling has also been found to play an important role in inhibition of neighboring neurons.

Ephaptic coupling in cortical neurons

Such phenomenon was proposed and predicted to be possible between two HR neurons, since in simulations and modeling work by Hrg. Views Read Edit View history. HahnWilliam C. Angel BarcoShira Knafo Neuroscience According to the authors, these responses could be useful to flies, which might be swamped by some local odor and need to detect faint hints of a new chemical blowing on the wind. Hence it is a hypothesis that neurobiology and evolution of brain coped with ways of preventing such synchronous behavior on large scale, using it rather in other special cases.

The role of ephaptic coupling in cardiac cells is becoming more apparent. In the antennae of Drosophila melanogasterolfactory neurons are bundled into fluid-filled hairs called sensilla. References Publications referenced by this paper.

These findings support a model in which ephaptic coupling works alongside canonical synapses to propagate signals across neuronal networks. The level of transmission varied, from subthreshold changes to initiation of an action potential in a neighboring cell, but in all cases, it was apparent that there are implications corticsl ephaptic coupling that are of coupoing importance.

When Su exposed flies to a steady stream of methyl hexanoate, the A neuron fired continuously. Showing of references. They tested the effects of changing extracellular space which affects local electrical fields and found that one can block epileptic synchronization independent of chemical synapse manipulation simply by increasing the space between cells.

The early work performed by Katz and Schmitt demonstrated that ephaptic coupling between the two adjacent nerves was insufficient to stimulate an action potential in the resting nerve. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Large-scale calcium waves traveling through astrocytic networks in vivo.


Hollenberg Scientific reports Su confirmed this by showing that the neighboring neurons can inhibit each xoupling even after a dose of synapse-blocking chemicals, even if their spiking patterns do not coordinate, and even if the antennae are severed, cutting off contact from any central neurons.

This effect has been demonstrated and modeled in a variety of cases. Showing of 3 extracted citations. For example, many authors have proposed models for cardiac tissue that includes additional variables that account for the unique structure and geometry of cardiac cells [14] varying scales ephzptic size, [19] or three-dimensional electrodiffusion.

Frontiers | Ephaptic coupling in cortical neurons

Neurophysiology Cellular neuroscience Signal transduction. Neurons Magnetic Fields Neocortex. Understanding the brain languageIOS Press, doi: There are also a number of mathematical models that more recently incorporate ephaptic coupling into predictions about electrical conductance in the heart.

Synchronization of neurons is in principle unwanted behavior, as brain would have zero information or be simply a bulb if all neurons would synchronize. However, many authors have worked to create more refined models in order to more accurately represent the environments of the nervous system.

Retrieved from ” https: While the idea of non-synaptic interactions between neurons has existed since the epjaptic century, there has historically been a lot of skepticism in the field ephaaptic neuroscience. It may refer to the coupling of adjacent touching nerve fibers caused by the exchange of ions between the cells, or it may refer to coupling of nerve fibers as a result of local electric fields.

This inhibition has been shown to occur from changes in electrical potentials epbaptic. HalesSusan Pockett Front.

This means of communication, called ephaptic coupling, results when the electric field produced by one neuron silences its neighbor, instead of couplint neurotransmitters across a synapse.

Although the exact functional role of this inhibition is still unclear, it may well have a synchronizing effect in the Purkinje cells as the ephaptic effect will limit the firing time.

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We stimulated in rat somatosensory cortical slices a variety of layer 5 neural types and recorded inside and outside their cell bodies while pharmacologically silencing synaptic transmission. Yet the extracellular field activity feeds back onto the electrical potential across couplkng neuronal membrane via ephaptic coupling Jefferys et al, Physiol Rev, Myelination is thought to inhibit ephaptic interactions.


Ephaptic coupling is a form of communication within the nervous system and is distinct from direct communication systems like electrical synapses and chemical synapses. Su found the same interactions in four other types of sensilla in the fruit fly, as well as one in the malarial mosquito Cirtical gambiae. Getting Synapses Neutons to Fire.

However, newer research has been challenging some of the previously accepted models.

Editorial on the Special Issue: By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Similarly, the currents that caused repolarization of the active nerve caused slight depolarization in the resting fiber. Despite these clear interactions, neurons within a sensillum do not share any synapses. Over time the term ephaptic coupling has come to be used not only in cases of electric interaction between adjacent elements, but also more generally to describe the effects induced by any field changes along the cell membrane.

Katz and Schmitt also observed that stimulation of both nerves could cause interference effects. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Electroencephalographic field influence on calcium momentum waves.

Neurons Talk Without Synapses | The Scientist Magazine®

Cable theory is one of the most important mathematical equations in neuroscience. The idea that the electrical activity generated by nervous tissue may influence the activity of surrounding nervous tissue is one that dates back to the late 19th century. The local field potential LFPused to study neural interactions during various brain states, is regarded as an epiphenomenon of coordinated neural activity.