Home · Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra. Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra. January 7, | Author: Adrian Grnd | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF – KB. When Sarah Kane’s first play, Blasted, was staged at the Royal Court . Esta versão da tragédia de Fedra e Hipólito, além de mais moderna é muito cruel e. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Emociones y antiemociones en la fedra de unamuno y en phaedra’s love de sarah kane: Un análisis mitocritico desde las.

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Knowing that the play–which is essentially a kae monologue–was the last Kane wrote before her own suicide seemed to solidify its veracity in my mind: It is particularly concerned with the roles played by space and embodiment in these representations, and what emerges as bodies interact in space.

Saarh do feel bad for her and the fact she took her life. In letteratura e nel resto della mia vita, se posso scegliere, davanti all’orrore – e al sublime – mi attendo anche allusioni. Metti che prendi la macchina e le chiavi di casa loro. It is later revealed that Strophe had sex with Theseus on the night Theseus and Phaedra were married.

“El Amor de Fedra” – Sarah Kane by Alia Musre on Prezi

Kane’s life was brought to a premature end when she committed suicide at Lon Sarah Kane was an English playwright. Just as Beckett did, Kane gradually pared down her drama piece by piece until only the very essential core remained; a voice, a narrative, an essence of fwdra destruction.


All of them are in love with someone and the sadist, Tinker, ‘tests’ to find the limits of their love by cutting of limbs, psychologically breaking them and threatening.

And yet there is some beauty in the writing and in the things told. Skin, the TV play, is an outlier in content and structure. Yes – if you’re still there – genius.

There is rape, there is suicide, there is a tongue being cut off, limbs are removed, eyes are getting sucked out and a a baby is being cannibalized. Am I glad I did? One understands instinctively that her work is dangerous.

They push every possible boundary that can exist between “self” and “other” and the results present themselves sarab a series of seemingly disconnected experiences, unprotected by any coherent sense and – just like in case of a vulnerably exposed individual -opened fatally to the hostile world.

Complete Plays by Sarah Kane.

He is initially unresponsive, but when he reaches his climax he asserts himself in the act. I had never heard of Kane, and I had never heard of the play, but in we went. I read Blasted for a lit course in college, and everyone in my class hated it. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


FEDRA. Un dialogo entre Eurípides y Sarah Kane

The darkest of the darkest dark. My god, the most disturbing plays I’ve ever read. She then proceeds to perform fellatio on him. It’s horrible and definitely not something to be romanticized.

Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra

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Whilst in prison, Hippolytus speaks with a priest who eventually performs fellatio on Hippolytus. The play might be centered around torture, but how beautiful, how optimistic, is that? In it was a very graphic and bloody image. Jun 08, dehorsmaisdedans rated it it was amazing Shelves: Art as an organization of the empty is a theory that shows a deep affinity to the psychoanalytical processes suggested by Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan.

Course outline for British Cultural Studies seminar. De Blasted nem sequer vou ler a lista de personagens. In this paper, Nina Rapi, will explore kan certain theatre practitioners, e. These three playwrights, who are among the most outstanding playwrights of the British theatre and in-yer-face movement, wrote their plays after the s, which were still overshadowed by the horrific historical events of the twentieth century.