Gentle Joseki, part I by Pieter Mioch. The patterns. Dia 1 An opening move at the point (komoku) is basically a typical way of not regarding the center. Sensei’s Library, page: point, keywords: Opening, Joseki. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the gentle joseki series. Its direction is clearly. Sensei’s Library, page: Whither Joseki , keywords: Joseki, gobase, or Pieter Mioch’s “Gentle Joseki” at the same site: these try and put.

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Whither Joseki …

I have benefited a lot learning joseki via game reviews instead of from joseki books. It would be a mistake to think that only joseki in Ishida ‘s time could become obsolete.

I managed to get a copy of Masao Kato ‘s Attack and Kill which is currently out of print. It looks like an intermediate-level book but it should hopefully be an interesting read when I’m up to it.

Move F is special and usually not played but certainly not unplayable. Storing professional games is done by Jan Van der steen and many other sites.

So a complicated joseki like Taisha has already spawned Taisha Database Search. If White invades anywhere, it is likely that the black stone will get stronger, and because Black has no good point to make an enclosure as well, the best strategy for Black is probably to leave this corner alone, at least during the fuseki. I think, to pick up Andrew’s point, that SL discussions are going in general josei fall short of the polish of a magazine article; but with the advantages that you’ll get the perspective of several points of view, and updates over time.

Let me know if you have any suggestions that I should consider.

The database search method very quickly turns up material. You won’t hear me say, though, that you -never- should play at either A or B as a follow up move to the joseli. I am unable to download the sgf and you’ll need an account to view it. This was gentlf at a party after the WAGC ; the interest is that Takemiya had clearly observed one of Donzet’s games using this type of opening, and wanted to make a comment in a pleasant way.


Furthermore, even if you discuss many josekis, eventually you should have accessible index pages pointing to your discussion, otherwise noone will find the page and information once it leaves Recent Changes.

In dia 11 you can see the defensive oriented moves which black can play if he doesn’t want to play a pincer. Perhaps they’re exaggerating, but I have a feeling they’re right. White may very well continue with a play at one and starting a large-scale fight. For instance, I know that the start points are intended to be attacking stones and like to expand along the sides and are weak in regard to controlling the corner. While it’s probably too difficult in general for a beginner “The Direction of Play” goes into more detail about the meaning of the opening moves: I’d just like to get some idea of what ‘enabling’ structures could be put in place, fairly much behind the scenes, to make access to joseki first of all more convenient.

I assume that would be useful in general everything that can be linked to is useful: You might find some insight in Peter Mioch’s gentle joseki series, found here: Simply adding variations from books as one finds them – that can easily overstep any idea of fair usage. Things can get hairy easily as you can see in dia 12a.

Excessive interest in ratings is worse – Go’s equivalent of Original Sin deplorable but human nature. Strange when you think about it, you can invent and play an excellent new move but as long as you’re not going to win any games with it people will think it’s worthless.

Be ever vigilant against joseki poisoning! I’ve played the start points for a long time and have only recently been experimenting with the 3x4s. Obviously everyone will continue to look into what most interests them. If black gets to play Q10 or R10 is probably safer for him before white establishes some stones on that side, I think white’s behind. I have reasons for this. I read in The Magic Of Go from Yomiuri that a lot of people play basically because they do not wish to learn the myriad varieties of joseki.


The jozeki immediately available resource, assuming that you have availed of Jan van der Steen’s free registration, is gobase. It is indeed very hard to really read from books although I own many books myself. As I often said in previous episodes, one opening move should be worth about 5 points.

Whither Joseki at Sensei’s Library

Something like this happened, with Takemiya playing gentoe high wedge as a reduction of Black’s side of the board, concentrating on getting out to the centre and leaving Black with aji around a. The joseki resists attack. Don’t put your stones too close together like D The lower left group is uoseki secure, the stone at D13’s in no danger, and D11 doesn’t gain any territory!

Well established josekis will tend to evolve very tight detailed expositions and will spawn pages as their variations get fully explored.

ChiyoDad Learns Go: Joseki materials, Go Seigen, and Hikaru No Go

BUT, the final editing remains with one person so that it takes more genrle for variations to settle into the dictionary. Yilun Yang’s book ‘Fundamental principles of Go’ has a chapter of exactly that. Page 1 of 1. This would give you a quick and easy-to-understand introduction to some basic corner patterns. I still find it depressing that so many players I see know and play a very limited range of corner openings – often from a narrow selection to be found in books now old.

Hello hdoong, There are stronger players on Kiseido Go Josekii who teach me through game reviews or through matches but I acknowledge that in-person lessons hold an advantage. There are around patterns to recognise in my private system for indexing fuseki. Edit page Discuss page. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your joweki in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.