It’s called the GigaPower , and comes in an “Auto” and “Manual” variation. This stove is light, packable, durable, and cooks like a beast. For these reasons we. Perfect lightweight backpacking stove! It packs up into a very small size and works with many different brands of fuel. It is easy to light and adjust, is very stable. A compact, powerful and reliable backpacking stove, The Gigapower Manual packs the same trusted punch as the Gigapower Auto without the added weight of.

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Helinox Ground Chair Review. I purchased this stove about 7 years ago for my first backpacking giigapower. I am still amazed many years later at the fuel efficiency.

Get answers in the gear selection forum. Cons Tricky at times to screw canister on Burned myself a few times lighting with gugapower. Cons Cannot get a super small flame. Ggigapower difference in design makes it so the GigaPower rarely gets blown out by wind. We are a small, independent team writing gear reviews and useful outdoor guides. More on backpacking stove weights in our Guide. Cons Doesn’t work well when cold.

These don’t effect the outcome of our reviews or selection of gear, as per our Review Policy. Read our About page for more information, and check out our gear reviews and outdoor guides.

February 5, updated Dec 15, The large flame adjuster works well and is capable of being adjusted with gloves. All you do is twist the supports up. It fits on any GigaPower new, old, Auto, Manualand is designed brilliantly. Perfect lightweight backpacking stove! Our mission is to empower all walks of life to be ambassadors of the outdoors. Click a link, buy what you need, and the seller will contribute a nanual of the purchase price to support Trailspace’s gigappwer gear reviews.


The one time I used it on an extra tall fuel can it was very unstable. The Savage 11 reviewer rep. There are smaller stoves, especially the ones that fold into themselves more, but overall the GigaPower does just fine. However, at elevation in mxnual with MSR fuel, the GigaPower took over 10 minutes to boil a liter of water.

Lit in moderate wind, recommend you purchase Snow Peak’s designed windscreen for this stove. We camped just below the tree line in order to have a campfire at night.

This stove has really been put to the test of how it can hold up to a savage, and has gotten my thumbs up and approval. Many people complain about the burner adjustability, but I have not had a problem with it.

It’s reliable, never had a single issue with it. Overview Specifications Review Where to Buy.

Gigapower Stove Manual

Like any backpacking stove, best used for boiling water. The GigaPower burner is not a wide, flat head that shoots its flame upwards like most other canister stoves. We do not accept payments or gifts from brands and vendors, and strive to provide unbiased, independent advice. But after a few uses I got it down. More on how Piezo ignition works and what it is in our Guide. It was a wide diameter when open and supports many sized pots. Although it is a manual stove, it is good enough to light with anything from matches to lighters or a fire steel.


The GigaPower screws into a can of isobutane fuel and uses it as its base. I live where the wind can be a cruel thing, but this stove seems to hold up quite nicely. I would guess that it takes less than 5 minutes to boil water in a covered pot in sheltered conditions. Still an excellent pick for a backpacking stove! Because of this, one person in our group twisted the GigaPower onto a fuel can and heard the gas running kanual, which is a waste of fuel and a hazard.

We started the meal at a low simmer, which tigapower GigaPower does well.

Snow Peak GigaPower Manual Reviews – Trailspace

I know better, and always turn the valve off again before screwing it onto a canister, but Snow Peak should really manufacturer the valve to line up perfectly in the off position. We tested the Snow Gigapoqer GigaPower 2. Can be a trick to turn down super low and puts out so much heat that you must be careful not to burn your food.

I do recommend using a flat surface as it will wobble while cooking.

It folds up so tiny it will fit… October 7, Jonathan Williams guest Rating: This stove is great.