Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. About. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. It was initially written for Delphi, now it is running in C++ Builder, Kylix, Delphi and Lazarus. Introduction. This is a very basic introduction on how to combine GLScene ([[1]]) and Newton Game Dynamics (NGD, [[2]]) when writing a.

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Texturing works at design time, not at run-time Make sure the image management class are included in the compiled executable. Such connections are usefull when needing to access GLScene objects from Newton’s callbacks for instance. We can now simple copy the transformation matrix from the newton body to the glscene object. The very first objects you will probably want to add are a Camera, a Light and an rutorial f.

It links to the SourceForge wiki page Rotate Objects for the next page of the tutorial. A wiki at http: Easy once you know how to do it Where is the tutorial? We now have to place the newton body at the correct position and orientation in our world. The camera will most likely not be pointing at the object, so either orient it with its “direction” property, or just pick your object in the camera’s TargetObject.

Extra resources, modelers and editors: Views Page Discussion View source History. RenderToBitmap method and specify printer dpi resolutionthen draw the bitmap on the printer Canvas. Bodies have mass and inertia. If you right click them again, you can now update them whenever you want. For instance, this will happen if you use Jpeg textures, and did not add “Jpeg” to any of your uses clause: Several of the sources of help are for old versions of GLScene and for Delphi rather than Lazarus, but can still be useful if you make allowances for differences such as changed package names.


When you download code, it will be from one of these directories f. Lazarus Wiki page last modified in May gives a good introduction to the capabilities of GLScene and shows screenshots. You can see the class hierarchy and inspect separately the types, constants, routines and classes for which you can drill down to their fields and methods.

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Tortoise will glscne you for some info and the answers are: We have now created a Newton instance of our GLCube and placed it in the newton world. Help File and Source Code The help file has been generated automatically by PasDocso depended on the depth of commenting in the source.

TJpegImage is not compiled in the compiled exe. Tutorials We have used the two page introductory tutorial on delphigamedev. It is regularly updated, but GLScene is currently growing faster than the help file.

GameDev Developer resources similar to Gamasutra, but seems less thorough and definetely less structured. Quite a complete site. These parameters are controlled by the newton body matrix. GLScene uses OpenGL for rendering, if you have an hardware-accelerated graphics tutprial that supports OpenGL, hardware acceleration will be automatically used.

Check the “Info” form to know at design-time which OpenGL driver is used: Download an example project here: Wolfram Research stores a fair set of material, but be warned this is mathematical stuff, not code. Delphi 3Dnot exactly primers, but Tom Nuydens maintains a collection of articles on 3D rendering techniques that may help you understand how things work.


How can I have a cube with N different textures? Since I’m an engineer, I like a right handed coordinate system with the z-axis pointing upwards. Personal tools Log in. Check them from first to last, read the comments in the glsccene of their “unit1. You can’t, this is a common hardware limitation, and anyway, having more than lights is tutogial recommended tutoria.

Set the camera target to the cube. If the coordinates are not right, but the texture is loaded, the object will most likely be given a uniform color. To solve this, add “Jpeg” or any relevant unit to one of your uses clause.

GLScene objects can be arranged as sub-objects of other GLScene gglscene and can be set to have relative position to tutoriaal parent. Texture compression must be supported by hardware. Once you’ve checked out everything you want, you’ll notice these folders have a green highlight to them. When you hit OK it will pull all the files and subfolders in the Source “module” on the server to a new folder called Source tutoroal your computer.

This is also the way to apply gravity when CoB and CoG do not coincide.

GLScene – Free Pascal wiki

A “checkout” is when you first download all the folders and files from a directory off the server onto your local machine. Contribute Templates Work In Progress.

The DummyCube is a usually non-visible objects that exists in the scene hierarchy.