Johane Masowe yechishanu Zimbabwe. K likes. Kudzidzisana, nekuvakana ne kudzorana pachinamato Tiri kumasowe echishanu akauya nemutumwa Baba . Holy Man in Central Africa This is a featured page. THE GREATEST HOLY MAN BORN IN CENTRAL AFRICA It was on the first October of Johane Masowe is one of the pioneering and most prominent founders of Independent African Churches in Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the Gospel of God.

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While the lord read the commandments, he ended with -Hallelujah and Amen: I had a response article from Bishop Dave Chikosi about mqsowe writing of the bible being inspired by the Holy Spirit, yet the same bishops and. Father John jihane returned to Leighwoods and having prepared for the travel to South Africa, he took the following disciples: If He had send literate men to be His Prophets, the hypocritical and cynical would have still found reason to reject them saying they read secretly at home and come to disown the scriptures in public.

Mzsowe attack senior cop at shrine… 5 members…. Does that have anything to do with Jesus? And behold a voice spoke to her from the cloud thrice saying, Eve, Eve, Eve, get hold of that rope. There shall be a great war of the whole earth wherein nuclear and other sophisticated weapons shall be utilized; and thereby producing the fire which shall destroy the present generation.

The Truth vs Myths and Lies Greetings to all who have spared a moment to walk with me as I continue johwne discussion from where I nohane last time.

The same Holy Spirit that inspired and revealed everything recorded about Prophet Moses is the same Holy Spirit that speaks through Masowe yeChishanu today. Monnye further said the Church is modeled around Christ and keeps the Gospel simple and practical.

Men sit at the front and women and children behind, all dressed in white and barefoot. To his credit though, I applaud Bishop Dave Chikosi for not being arrogant in his response. This stuff, like the stuff used by Prophet Moses before, performed jaw breaking miracles by itself.


The first of Octobersaw the beginning of the era of redemption especially for Africa and the johabe at large. And here a wonder occurred; for just before Leonard and father John were struck by Japa, John took hold of Leonard and miraculously flew with him through the air a distance of three miles, to a top of a nearby mountain peak.

The spirit of Johane Masowe descends on Shashe

Police fines books are being destroyed. Even in the bible, women were never meant to be at par with men before God, until after the crucifixion when some preachers and authors of Gospels started rewriting and abolishing Mosaic Laws to suit their comforts and attributed these edited teachings to Johhane to give them weight and public acceptance.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I should be able to point you in the right direction. Each disciple was required to change lifestyle drastically and to support the movement totally.

You are to prepare my ways until the end of the world. God tells us that women should always be behind.

Masowe, Johane

Despite their emphasis on Africa, they continue to make further pilgrimages to such places as Britain, Germany, the United States, and India, on the instructions of Masowe to preach the gospel worldwide. He was msowe given the authority to instruct from other scriptural books comparing with the bible. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. While at Port Elizabeth, father John organised the running of lower and upper primary schools for the community.

For instance, johae website displays photographs of vaPostori in their white robes on pilgrimages in places like Jerusalem and Axum, an ancient Christian kingdom in Ethiopia. Therefore the top disciples were all given their ranks and duties as already aforementioned.

The spirit of Johane Masowe descends on Shashe

What the more enthusiastic white missionaries offered masose small doses at camp meetings, Africans wanted in large and continuous doses. He announced the Covenant which was named Dare raJakopo. Next was Evangelist Saprien Nedewedzo Nyathi, who was given the office to control all work of the Prophets and to record their prophetic announcements.


Thus the Sisters can also be understood in terms of pilgrimage.

Mother Eve, therefore, journeyed to her husband, and related to him the whole wonderful experience of the visions. The arrested followers were forced back to their original homes, and hence even Father John had to put off the journey to South Africa. Masimba Musodza 24 July at After nine months, she was delivered of a baby boy, who became known as Shoniwa.

The problem is that it possessed an illiterate man from a very humble background. In the new earth, the nations consisting of the saved, will walk in it’s johabe whereas the kings of the earth will bring their glory and owner to the metropolis of the holy kingdom, the new Jerusalem: Masowe Dress Code The Holy Spirit instructs madzibaba to wear shorts that do not expose the legs above the knees.

Johane Masowe yeChishanu is not a church as with the Christian faith, rather, masose is a Religion. Those are not revealed or divine days. Look at the level of immorality around Xmas Holiday. Articles with hCards All stub articles. Moreover, Father John explained, that the Gospel begun on mount Marimba shall be spread throughout the world by Pastors, Evangelists, and Prophets all aided by the Ark in the singing. The moment one claims that Masowe does not believe in Jesus or Jesus saved him from bondage to Mosaic Laws is the moment it becomes clear that the man simply knows nothing.

This article, received inwas researched and written Robert Reese, Ph.