Jotashield Topcoat Silk. Determination of Moisture Vapour. Transmission Rate. Certificate of Test No: Client’s Name & Address: Mr S Mathew. Jotun UAE. Jotashield Topcoat Silk is a % pure acrylic based paint specially formulated to with stand the harsh Middle East climate. The special acrylic binder gives a. Jotashield ColourLast Silk (I). Product description. Type. This product is a superior quality, exterior, % pure acrylic water based topcoat.

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A high performance water-borne primer based on a special, high quality, alkali resistant acrylic binder with in can antibacterial properties. Please contact your local Jotun office or dealer for product availability. Other surfaces The coating may be used on other substrates.

Please contact your local Jotun office for more information. Packing may vary from country to country topcoxt to local requirements.


Product Information Global EPD Jotashield Alkali Resistent Primer A high quality waterborne, acrylic copolymer based primer that is alkali resistant and has superior adhesion properties. The best interior paint for the most beautiful and healthy home. An advanced binder technology bringing long lasting beautiful colours to exterior walls. Select another country for your data sheet.


Description Reviews 0 Jotashield Tppcoat Glaze is a water-based translucent topcoat that offers you a two-tone effect and is used on top of other Jotun Heritage Products to further enhance that naturally timeworn look. Decorative Paints All Products. Topcot good quality emulsion paint designed for interior surfaces.

Addresses issues such as rising energy costs, global warming and effective heat management. Easycoat Matt is an exterior paint with a simple and time-efficient application process. Jotashield Tex 18 Ltr Rs. An acrylic paint, perfect with high demands on durability, washability and topcowt. Recommended use For use on most exterior surfaces onto concrete and cement plaster. All traces of release agents must be removed.

Write a review Your Name. Fenomastic Pure Colours Emulsion Semigloss. A superior quality emulsion with a beautiful matt finish making colours appear richer, providing the best colour experience. Fenomastic Pure Colours Emulsion Matt.

A fast-drying exterior undercoat based on acrylic copolymer resin. The paint has excellent texture and no odour. A superior quality emulsion with a smooth and silky finish, providing an improved colour experience. It provides more beautiful colours with a smooth texture.

Medium Unpressed Jotashield Topcoat Silk White Paint

This makes it perfect for the decoration of old and new villas, resorts, museums, mosques, and other buildings where a gracefully aged look is required.


An array of rich, beautiful colours and timeless imperial matt smoothness that shouts class and sophistication. Fittings View all G. All traces of release agents must be removed. Typical paint system Jotashield Penetrating or Alkali Resistant Primer 1 coat Jotashield Topcoat Silk 2 coats If any Block filler is used to rectify imperfections on the substrate, proper sanding followed by a full undiluted coat of Penetrating Sealer must be used before applying any Jotashield Topcoats.

A high quality luxurious silky finish, superior washability and accurate colour. It is highly recommended on museums, galleries, mosques and other buildings to give it an ancient yet elegant, heritage look. Fenomastic Beautiful Home Ttopcoat silk makes your walls look smooth and soft.

Product Information Global Fenomastic Jktashield Home Smooth Silk A superior quality emulsion with a smooth and sipk finish, providing an improved colour experience. Surface preparation The substrate must be sound, clean, dry, free from dust, oil, grease and laitance etc. This superior water-based paint offers you exceptional smoothness in a variety of non-fading topccoat, and three different finish options.