[Discontinued model]. This model has been discontinued. Recommended Replaceable Products. Amplifier Unit, Main Unit, NPN CZ-V21A. To contact us. CZ-H35S. Adjustable spot, colour detection sensor head. CZ-H32 . CZ-V21A(P )/V22A(P) Digital display amplifier. Power is supplied .. Even though we have this part in stock, it may take several days for internal process to complete. Goods will be delivered within 5 -7 working days. CZ-V21A.

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Short-circuiting the purple wire as shown below for each model switches the bank from A to B. To select the display channel, perform the following operation. Short-circuiting the purple wire as shown below for each model enables the shift input.

Connect the pink wire to the external devices such as a switch and a PLC. To exit the menu during setting, press the MODE button again for three seconds or more. While pushing the amplifier unit in the direction of the arrow 1, push it down dz the direction of the arrow 2.

To use all available functions on this website, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. This manual is related to the following products: These films exhibit birefringence, which can prevent stable detection in conventional photoelectric sensors.


Then keyencce the SET button once. Tell us what’s missing. To return the display to the normal state, press any one of the operation buttons. Matching rate The larger the setting value, the stricter the detection becomes, and the smaller the setting value, the rougher the detection becomes.

For switching to the Eco mode, refer to page 5. Error indication Cause Countermeasures nnnn Received light intensity is insufficient. Disables the key operation to change settings. kejence

RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

The measured value and the setting value can be viewed simultaneously. Power mode response time. The amplifier features a built-in FILM mode, which can be selected for difficult detection of such targets as packaging films for cigarettes or Compact Discs. Mount the amplifier unit using the supplied mounting bracket as shown in the figure. Series View more products. To dismount the amplifier unit, kyence pushing the main body in the direction of the arrow 1, raise the body in the direction of the arrow 3.

Stable lustre detection unaffected by target colour. The shift input is performed at the rising edge of the input signal. Press the UP button. Stable detection is ensured. The minimum input time is 20 ms.


Keyence Photoelectric Sensor CZ – V21AP Amplifier Unit , Main Unit , PNP

Even when the target position changes and the received light quantity changes, the ratio of the three colours does not change. The CZ-V20A series can prevent mutual interference by connecting several amplifier units. Connect the purple wire to the external devices such as a switch and a PLC. The cancellation method is the same as that of locking.

The sensitivity can be set for each of the following number of channels depending on the detection mode. In addition, the sensitivity can be easily keyene tuned with a touch of a button.

KEYENCE Cz-v21ap Digital RGB Sensor CZV21AP | eBay

OFF timer value 20 ms. Power saving function Eco mode. Short-circuiting the pink wire as shown below for each model equals the operation of pressing the SET button.

Digital display indicates gloss levels. New amplifier for the CZ-H72 lustre detection sensor head. Tell us about it.