First in Catherine Coulter’s bestselling Vikings series. On a Viking fortress raid, the Lord of Hawkfell Island plans to take the beautiful Mirana hostage. But she. Catherine Coulter Viking Series Historical Lord of Hawkfell Island. Lord of Hawkfell Island – Catherine Coulter. Lord of Hawkfell Island. Reading Order: 2. Dear Reader: Rorik is a Viking warrior, as fierce and savage as the North.

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This begins as a story of revenge and hatred, then slowly turns into the exact opposite of passion and love that is built between two people that in the beginning despised one another.

That these two could find love is definitely a story of second chances and love triumphing over many obstacles. It might have helped to give his POV so that it added to the story. Not PC at all. Over the years, Ms Coulter has been recommended to me as an author I might ov. The story went that Rorik’s wife and children were murdered by Mirana’s half-brother, Einar.

Gostei da sonsa da escrava se revelando uma espertinha Nov 12, Liz Stevens rated it liked it. In the third novel of this Viking trilogy, Cleve of Lord of Raven’s Peak and Chessa of Lord of Hawkfell Island first meet when Chessa is the princess of Ireland and Off has no memory of the time before he was a slave.

Bby is an older romance novel and I understand standards have changed, however no matter what the time period the book is about, in this case Viking Ireland, I just can’t abide by rape ever in the main characters.

Lord of Hawkfell Island

She likes carrying a knife, but she’s isn’t really capable of defending herself, it’s all just bravado that gets a little tedious. I challenge you to guess the truth behind both mysteries.

I bought a “bag of romance books” from the library and this was one of them. Oct 04, Joyce rated it it was amazing. Skip to main content. I liked the women at Hawkfell. Mirana loyal to her toes and as brave as any of the men and the heroine in this story taught Rorik the sometimes antihero, a few lessons the hard way and being a quick sturdy as he was no fool himself he came to learn that Mirana was a force of nature.


Lord of Hawkfell Island | Catherine Coulter Suspense Thriller author Viking Series Historical

I love the journey that Coulter takes the reader on, filled with excitement and adventure on every page, and a story that will become such a page turner that you will have a hard time catheeine this one down hawkflel the table. I really liked Mirana, she is a very strong lead, although how quickly she forgives Rorik for his horrid treatment of her, I just really did not like that.

Coulter has taken care to get the period right, including details of dress, food and dwellings. Rorik, a Viking Warrior, seeks revenge against Einar, who brutally killed most of his people.

Another difference is the humorous scenes such as the tug-of-war between the men and women on the island. Jan 31, Anna Mcfadden rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

But her stepfather, Olav the Vain, has no lkrd of setting a bride price on Zarabeth. You will also discover who really rules Hawkfell Island. Lord of Hawkfell Island in an enjoyable read. The other women, with an exception that all will note, were awesome, and I loved the interplay between them and Mirana.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This is a swift moving bu book. For hundreds of years they were viewed by the world as vicious plunderers and ruthless savages. But first, there is Chessa to be rescued and coluter over to her rightful groom.

Now she has been taken to his home on a island. She wears the slave collar around her neck for all to see, but bears his distrust of her and her own pain deep within her. I am on the fence with this one.


Lord of Hawkfell Island Reading Order: Before Ireland and England had stable rulers and when Vikings still held sway. Now will what they have shared, and the love they have built be enough to stand through the coming storm of opposition. Jul 09, Jessica rated it it was amazing. Mar 08, BJ Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was rather interesting, i got it for free from the library and it was the best free thing i ever got.

I loved this book, its definitely one of my favorite series. While there is still a level of violence against women, the heroine is off-limits this time around. Mirana, a viking woman herself,has lived under her half brother’s reign, whom she knows deep inside how crazy he can get, and as she starts to spend time on Hawkfell Island, she starts to realize who her step brother truly is, and the desire that she feels with Rorik, flares up through her stay on the Island.

Her strategies to bring this about anticipate Machiavelli by years. May 27, Rhapsody rated it liked it Recommends it for: It would have been nice to see them develope more. I found them to be highly entertaining.

Mirana loyal to her toes and as brave as any of the men and the heroine in this story taught Rorik the sometimes antihero, a few lessons the hard way and being a quick sturdy as he was no f I love love love Catherine Coulter’s writing. Let me know which of the lrd Viking novels you like best.

Is Cleve’s father really a master sorcerer? Mar 07, Wendy Strickland rated it really liked it. I liked Mirana, the protagonist, although I thought Rorik could have used more flushing out.