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Plug the power supply to an appropriate outlet. Select the port address by scanning the appropriate bar code from the Maintenance Cleaning the scan window is the only maintenance required.

Removing the Interface Cable Loosen the two screws on the cable clamp at the bottom of the scanner and gently pull the clamp away from the bottom of the scanner. Chapters Table Of Contents Pauses are set by scanning a two-digit number i.

Stop Bit Select The stop bit s at the end of each transmitted character marks the end of transmission of one character and prepares the receiving device for the next character in the serial data stream. Select Convert Error on Unknown Characters to prevent sending bar codes containing at least one unknown character to the decoder.


maanual Standard Default Parameters Appendix B: To accomplish this, the I 2 of 5 code must be enabled, and the code must have a leading zero and a valid EAN check digit. The start and stop characters are normally to the left and right margins of a horizontal code.


Hand-held Scanner Emulation Port 9B. Page Glossary – 7 SPP.

Hertz; A unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second. Table-top Scanner Emulation Port 17 Convert Unknown to Code 39 Scan a bar code below to enable or disable the conversion of unknown bar code type data to Code The second check digit is optional. After three unsuccessful attempts to send data after receiving NAKs, the scanner issues an error indication and discards the data. The scanner is shipped with the settings shown in the Symbology Default Table on page also see Appendix A cradle is used for charging the terminal battery and for communicating with a host computer, and manial a storage place for manhal terminal when not in use.

Scan the bar codes representing the desired character or characters up to a total of 10 using the Ls340 Keyboard on page Then select one of four options: Do not change this setting from the default if an on-board wedge host is enabled. Otherwise, the unbolded keystroke is sent.

Code 39 Check Digit Verification, Transmit Code 39 Check Digit Symbologies 12 – 23 Code 39 Check Digit Verification When this feature is enabled, the scanner checks the integrity of all Code 39 symbols to verify that the data complies with specified check digit algorithm. The range is from two to thirty times.

Honeywell Series(LS) – Reference Guide – user manual – AREFGD

A leading margin is the time that precedes the first bar of the scan, in milliseconds. Page Mankal Reference B – Chapter 3 Maintenance and Technical Specifications Introduction This chapter provides suggested scanner maintenance, troubleshooting, technical specifications, and signal descriptions pinouts. Then select one of four options: Enter text from picture: Page 60 5 – 12 Symbol LS Manuap Reference Guide if double key if double key Page For example, to set a Laser On Time of 0.


The laser is an intense light source.

Motorola Symbol LS3408 Product Reference Manual

Discrete 2 Of 5 d 2 Of 5 Codes. Set these values using the Scan Prefix and Scan Suffix bar codes on page To implement this, first enter an ADF rule that applies to the normal situation.

Enter a leading zero for single digit numbers. Enable this feature if the host system requires this data format. Connect the other end of the Synapse Smart Cable to the host. Otherwise, the unbolded keystroke transmits. The minimum allowed value is 80 msec and the maximum is msec. In order to accomplish this, the I 2 of 5 code must be enabled, and the code must have a leading zero and a valid EAN check digit.

Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and fax this form to: Scanner Emulation Interface 10 – 9 Ignore Unknown Characters Unknown characters are characters that the decoder does not recognize.

Convert All Bar Codes To Code 39 By default, a space replaces any characters that do not have a corresponding character in the Code 39 symbology set.

Troubleshooting Ensure all cable connections are secure.