Above: the Akai MG integrated track recorder/mixer; http://en. Akai MPX +. Akai MPX MPX , Analog Mixer from Akai. Write a user review · Find it in the classifieds starting at $ avg used price: $ Warning. MPX MASTER. KEYBOARD. MX AKAI–Looking Toward the Future. At AKAl we are always looking ahead toward the next step in the constant evolution .

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What struck me watching videos of the K-Board Pro was that the way the user interacts with it is a little bit like playing a Hammond organ. Some dude has npx820 wordpress site solely devoted to this thingand goddamn I want one of these!

Zeta was purchased by Gibson guitars. Volume and presets changes can be made remotely via a pedal and foot switch respectively.

Images : Akai MPX 820

I haven’t been having much luck with my google-fu lately But the buyer would balk at the proprietary tape cartridge issue. The technology is ahead of our tastes!

Read our review of the K-Mix: What do you think might be the next big thing in music technology? That looks really interesting—the multi-functional nature of it and the fact that it mpx80 without a computer.


OK so this thing is fkkn nuts.

I am currently looking for an Akai MG to play some old recordings. Spotlight Courses More courses released every few days.

Pictures and images Akai MPX – Audiofanzine

Weet ook even niet iemand zo uit mijn hoofd die dat zou kunnen fixen in de buurt van A’dam. Brightness, roughness, noise vs. I hope that musicians will come to embrace equipment that is more innovative and powerful. It will change but not very quickly. I started KMI in to produce smaller instruments and to improve the relationship between acoustic generating instruments and electronic music and synthesis control.

Interview: Keith McMillen on Tech, Synths & Multi-dimensional Music Controllers

I still own one MG in my studio. Despite all claims made by the seller. Historically, the technology has always preceded the new music.

It sat at the front of the shop and it looked to me like a fkkn NASA computer. Bycrossings Sun Jun 12, 9: Guitarists seemed to be happy with a couple of stompboxes but the styles of music you can make with that stuff was pretty much codified in the ’60s and ’70s.


Please give me a call if you have one of these Akai MG available. I am looking for one to play some old recordings. A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w Bygertie Sat Jun 11, How may I reach you? When I was a kid East Coast Music mall had a used one that they were trying to sell for years.

Your analogy is perfect: It seemed like back in the early ’80s it would have been a good time to have a MIDI 2. Being pmx820 the Bay Area there are so many people who have both technical and musical skills and I hired some great people, and that just continued to grow.

I knew Mark Haynes there. For fukks sake, why do people keep broken crap around?