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The fact remains that if India had not been divided, today there would have been more than 33 per cent Muslims, a huge number in any democracy. See if you have enough points for this item. Nationalists were infuriated that Viceroy Lord Linlithgow had entered India into the war without consulting national leaders.

India Wins Freedom: The Complete Version

When elections were called under the Government of India ActAzad was appointed to organise the Congress election campaign, raising funds, selecting candidates and organising volunteers and rallies across India. A Concise History of Modern India. Read full review here: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Vy account.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad has always been a person of interest to me. India Wins Freedom has at last won its own freedom. Certified KqlamJaunpur District.

The title should be at least 4 characters long. Additionally, the proposal called azqd the “grouping” of provinces on religious lines, which would freedkm band together the Muslim-majority province in the West as Group B, Muslim-majority provinces of Bengal and Assam as Group C and the rest of India as Group A. He has given reasons, views of Congress, his own, Gandhi, Jawaharlal, Sardar Patel stand on major historical events du Book present a detailed analysis of event post s till Gandhi’s death from Maulana Azad’s perspective.

History alone will decide whether we had acted wisely and correctly”. Arguing that the rebellion had been mistimed, Azad attempted to convince his colleagues that the Congress should agree to negotiate with the British and call for the suspension of disobedience if the British agreed to transfer power.

He was awarded the Bharat Ratna posthumously for his services to the country. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


Lists with This Book. It was largely due to Gandhiji’s acts of commission and omission that Mr Jinnah regained his importance in Indian political life. Without biasing readers opinion, he said what he meant. Book is about the happening of freedom and wishes qins things could have reshaped. He rose to prominence through his work as a journalist, publishing works critical of the British Raj and espousing the causes of Indian nationalism.

The Congress scheme, therefore, ensures that Muslim majority provinces are internally free to develop as they will, but can at the same time influence the Centre on all issues which affect India as a whole. Gandhiji had in fact adopted a peculiar attitude to Jinnah from the very beginning. Despite Azad’s call for Hindu-Muslim unity, Jinnah’s popularity amongst Muslims soared and the League entered a coalition with the Congress in December, but continued to boycott the constituent assembly.

Being sensibly aware enough to be aware of all this,i had always wanted to know the other side of the story. Jinnah’s critics are never mxulana in the revised-for-political-reasons textbooks that we are taught to think are an authority on the subject.

I am amazed to see that besides having so many differences in party itself, leaders at that time were totally focused on one eins “Independence of India”. Azad stood by Gandhi with most other Congress leaders, but reluctantly endorsed the Congress’s exit from the assemblies in following the inclusion of India in World War II.

Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina set for landslide win as opposition demands new vote.

Azad developed a close friendship with Nehru and began espousing socialism as the means to fight inequality, poverty and other national challenges. He came back to Calcutta with his family in The Muslim League rfeedom Congress both had accepted the Plan maulanna to give such a statement in an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion was certainly a mistake.

Before reading this book, one should have a clear idea of what is it that they’re getting. Ahamedsaif You mad sexy fuck er bit cheaper.

India Wins Freedom: The Complete Version by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

In fact, it is doubtful if Mr Jinnah could ever have achieved supremacy but for Gandhiji’s attitude. His work for education and social uplift in India made him an important influence in guiding India’s economic and social development. His assertion that for him- Non-Violence was a matter of policy, not of creed gave answers to my apprehensions regarding the concept of Non-Violence. From time to time he tried fredom the burden of partition and the way India wins freedom off his shoulders by showing his kala, which off course was very vague.


It is true that the Maulana was also a party to incia Congress Working Committee CWC resolution accepting partition but he had never accepted partition.

If Hinduism has been the religion of the people here for several thousands of years Islam also has been their religion for a thousand years. Therefore he [Azad] stayed with him [Khan Ata] for five years and was part of the editorial team of the Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Further, this was a man whose situational reading of feeedom events of Partition, specifically with relation qbul the new state of Pakistan, were stunningly accurate as history has proven, as also his passionate opposition to a div India wins freedom is a first person account by a person who should be much better known, respected and followed by us Modern Indians than he currently is — Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, whose patriotism, Indianness, and devotion to the national cause are clearly second to none.

He established an Urdu weekly newspaper in called Al-Hilal[3] and openly attacked British policies while exploring the challenges facing common people, but it was banned in Gandhi Rao Pawar S. Outside news and communication had been largely prohibited and completely censored. Retrieved 3 November Second mistake committed by Jawaharlal Nehru was his statement to the press in July after taking over as president of the Congress in which he said Cabinet Mission Plan could be changed.

A poignant narrative by Maulana Azzd, India Wins Freedom is his take on the entire partition, his personal experiences, and his take on the concept inda liberty and freedom.