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Power is supplied to the MCU via these two pins. The initialization sequence is then executed. With a quick search it looks like the op-amp is the phono amplifier stage and the tubes are the ‘valve buffer’ stage after and for the AUX function. P EDG Abstract: Little bear tube Preamp T7 real tube amp or IC amp with glowing tubes for visual. IMO, the AD is nicely detailed sounding, but somewhat warmer overall than the LM which some might describe as somewhat unforgiving.

V DD and VgS.

In the case of fast rising V dd transition time. These pins are internally connected with the on-chip. I remember reading which ones they used, but I can’t seem to recall it. The price from Douk was low enough for me to take a punt and see whats inside, the seller posted a picture of the populated circuit board that appeared to show that there where no IC’s present so it should be a true tube amp, but is it Pictures below How it looks in all its splendor Picture of the top of the PCB showing no IC’s But wait, whats this underneath The 8 leg IC is a JRC which is some form of OpAmp http: You may also want to consider bypassing some of those caps with 1uF film caps as well.


I’m still waiting for some opamps but sure will post samples of different configurations.

【NJM2068DDC JRC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

I’ve done more reading and the LM seems to be the way to go. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There are some that are definite upgrades. As Dxtasheet still have six unmodified outputs with the stock NJMs, I can easily compare the sound of the two op amps.

Black Lion does mod these as well.


Alan’s assessment that the valves are acting as buffers sounds reasonable. These functions are illustrated in Figure 9No external resistor is required between V DD and the Reset pin, thanks to the built-in pull-up. Mix Buss Opamp upgrade advice Not complaining Regards, Grant If you have an impedence mismatch between units then it should sort that. Started by dickiefunk The Lab. Started by Dualflip Drawing Board.

It dataaheet depends on how far you want to take the definition of “true tube”. For some OpAmp comparisons, check this out: That’s something that be debated endlessly.

The still wins in my book. Analog Devices chips are also good and some like they more “aggressive sound.

opamp upgrade for MOTU HD

Could you elaborate some more on the difference between the high-speed opamps LM, LT and the LM – what do you mean by natural? But they look superfast, so you will probably need some bypass caps to keep them stable.

Along datasheeet the upgrading to the LMs, I also bypassed the input coupling capacitors with polypropylene film and removed the output coupling capacitors altogether. My Gina24 seems to have 0.

Recently I made some similar modifications to my Echo Gina What sort of improvement are you seeking? February 16, What’s the difference regarding high end detail, transient response, perceived proximity, the perceived “immediateness” of bass? V DD is the power connection and Vss.


The Black Country Dafasheet But some don’t like the sort of “laid back” sound they have.

Please drop me a personal message if you have. V dd is power and Vss is the ground connection.

JRC2068 Datasheet PDF

I’ve read a lot on the net I’m planning to do opamp upgrades for converters soon, too and come up with the following: Gachet Member Bordeaux France Posts: Some will impart a dwtasheet of a signature too. Been testing this unit today via an AB switch on my A and to be honest I can’t hear any jtc.

The NJM isn’t a bad chip. As I said the other week. If somebody would like to explain to how valve DC sounds different, I’d be delighted to hear about it.

Little bear tube Preamp T7 real tube amp or IC amp with glowing tubes for visual Hi all Just taken delivery of a Little Datashfet T7 Tube Preamp One of the questions I had was is it a true tube amp or one of those low end chinese tube amps that are really IC amps and just use the tubes for visual effect.

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A buffer is supposed to be transparent. Originally Posted by RothwellAudio. Just seems to take an edge off the digital, so may be a problem, i dont dztasheet. Direct external connection of. Another chip worth looking into is the AD, which is a dual related to the AD, but doesn’t seem to have the latter’s stability issues.